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TheGameRazer is a open-sourced modern, retro-style 16-bit game system
based on the Sega-Genesis and Super-Nintendo game systems.

This project was founded by BILLPC2684 and is the only one currently working on it!
(updates are slow! some help would be greatly appreciated!)

Trivia: Concepts of TGR was designed back in late 2013 when BILLPC2684 wanted to make her own game system.

The original TGR Prototype was original made in Python, for a WIP Minecraft Redstone Computer CPU Model called VEXER2 in late 2015
(successor to the first VEXER Minecraft CPU) in earily 2015 then it evolved into the VEXREX.

The VEXREX was canceled due to too meny programming errors... but the core design stayed;
A 16-bit system that BILLPC2684 can call her own, Then after 2 remakes it was moved over to lua.

Over time she migrated it to Love2D (the lua game-engine). Updating the code more and it evolved into TheGameRazer we know today,
Except alot worse, the code was so bad that, It had to be been rewiten 7 times now...
Then it got thrown into C using SDL, and BILLPC2684 finaly got some good progess made in 2017...

But issues kept raising up, Unknown Errors, Crashes and even Months of not working, kept pushing the project back.
She attempted to salvage what she had made so far and start on a windows port...

The windows port took almost 2 years to understand, and the project was scrapped!
About a year passing with no progress being made, BILLPC2684 took it apon herself to start from square one.

She rewrote alot of the code(still in C), taking functions and snippets from the old code and instead of hassling with SDL over on windows, she thought of a better sollution!

Then she tried to use pygame as a Front-End while using C as a Back-End. But that saddky didn't work...

So she took a step back and re-evaluated what to do... Taking that reworked C code, she reshaped it to be used for a new library for C called raylib.

Current Specs:
\CPU: 16-Bit Taylor Arch. @ 24 MHz (Dual-core)
\buswidth: 32-bit (28-bit Addressing)
\RAM: 128 MiB
\VRAM: 64 MiB
\Sound: YAMAHA SoundChip
\Default Resolutions: 480x360 @ 32-Bit, 800x600 @ 32-Bit, 852x480 @ 32-Bit, 1280x720 @ 24-Bit(max)
\PPU/GPU: Programmable... (Don't have much INFO yet about it yet!)

|\ Prototype for C (using raylib) [ACTIVE]
|\ Prototype for Pygame (with C backend) [ARCHIVED!]
|\ Prototype for Love2D [ARCHIVED!]
|\ Prototype for C (using SDL) [ARCHIVED!]
|\ * To Be Added

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