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TheGameRazer is a modern, retro-style 16-bit game system based on the SNES/SegaGenesis game systems.
this project was made by me(BILLPC2684), it was original made in python as the VEXER2 for a WIP Minecraft Redstone Computer model in 2015 then it turned into the VEXREX,
the VEXREX was canceled due to too meny programming errors... then after 2 remakes it was moved over to lua, after time i migrated to love(lua game-engine)
updating the code and it turned into TheGameRazer, and up to now it has been rewiten 7 times now... but now that TGR is in C, we are finaly getting some good progess made...

Official PROTO-love2D Page
Official PROTO-C Page

Offical TGR Discord Server Here: